Speed:  70-140-210 capsules/min
Tolerance:  ±0,2 (depending on the product)
Installed Power (*):  7 kW
Absorption (*):  16 A
Supply voltage:  400 V – 50 Hz
Air consumption: 83 m³/h

*Value referred to the 70 PPM dingle track machines

The HTN packaging line comes from the long experience that TME has gained in the single-serve products market. In recent years TME has developed various technologies for the world of capsules, summed up perfectly by the HTN range. This line is able to process all the types of capsule on the market today because it uses a chain driven by brushless motors allowing the format to be rapidly replaced for capsules that are different in both form and technology. The HTN line can be supplemented with various accessories such as weight measurement, vision system, remote assistance and customised packaging systems. Thanks to its innovative modular system, HTN can install up to a maximum of 6 tracks.

The filling of the capsules is carried out through an orienting device which has the function of guiding and directing the empty capsules to the interior of the line with jets of air. After which, the mechanical movement of the capsules is started which. thanks to a patented TME solution. is carried out with greater precision inside the packaging line.
Following which, where required, the positioning of the lower base onta the empty capsule is carried out, then the screw dosing system doses the product and after that, a covering of filter or micro-perforated paper. or an aluminium sheet, may be applied.
In the last step, through pick&place, the capsule is positioned on the conveyor belt, where it will be packaged in a controlled atmosphere by the vertical confectio­ner. This will guarantee a very low oxygen residue in the bag which is, consequently, under the limit permitted by law and to the full advantage of the product. In the case of faulty welding or incorrect positioning of the base there is. as an integral part of the mach i ne. a capsule reject system.