The HTN capsule packaging line was developed on the vast experience gained by TME in the single-dose products market.

  • Production capacity:
    • HTN1: up to 80 capsules/min
    • HTN2: up to 160 capsules/min
    • Possibility of processing all the capsule models and all the materials (plastic, compostable, aluminium), with or without barrier
    • Possibility of packaging different products (coffee, solubles, tea and herbal tea)
    • Innovative, easy and fast change format system (starting with just one hour)
    • Coffee dosage using screw system activated by brushless motor
    • Extraction and cleaning station of the excess coffee for better sealing quality
    • Inert gas injection device to preserve coffee aroma longer
    • Possibility of inserting weight control with feedback and out of tolerance capsule waste
Possible combinations with end of line:
  • Vertical packaging for bags with single capsule
  • Vertical packaging for bags with four edges
  • Packaging machine

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