The CVA packaging line is a reliable solution for vertical packaging in Italy and worldwide. The high reliability and the constant technological upgrading make CVA a safe and reliable choice, also for the use of alternative materials such as recyclable or compostable materials.

  • Production capacity CVA: up to 40 bags/min.
  • Possibility of creating bags with different formats (from 100 g to 3 kg).
Dosage and weighing systems:
  • Electronic weighing machine for coffee grains
  • Volumetric screw doser for ground coffee or other powder products activated by a brushless motor
  • Mechanical movement of the units.
Some accessories available:
  • One way valve application for aroma protection
  • Bag deaeration
  • Inert gas injection device
  • Pneumatic extractor for loading coffee beans
  • Feeding screw for ground coffee loading
  • Marker
  • Labeller
Possibility of providing combinations with end of line:
  • Cartoning machine
  • Bundling machine

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