Who we are

From 0 to 10 years we lived our childhood in Villanova, we were few, we had great enthusiasm and great dreams and we expected customers to come to us looking for solutions for product packaging that often others could not offer or would offer at much higher prices.

From 10 to 20 years we spent an exuberant adolescence, we built prototypes for packaging products ranging from rice and pasta up to explosive powders and tyre mixtures. The result of this decade of work was the acquisition of very important technical experience and a poorer bank account.

The last 10 years of youth brought the awareness of being able to achieve something important. Focussing on the coffee and yeast sectors has proved to be a winning strategy that has allowed us to make significant progress, as the new head office in Fidenza can testify, where every day 45 people work to build machinery to increasingly meet the market needs.

The next decade will be that of maturity, our commercial development plan is ambitious but achievable. We will consolidate our worldwide presence and dedicate our main resources to countries where coffee consumption is growing.

We will organise a suitable after-sales service and develop strategic alliances with qualified partners.

Our goal is to raise our craftsmen’s awareness more and more on the role and importance of the customer, because it is the CUSTOMER that pays our salaries, and taking care of them means taking care of our own future.

We have won important battles with our competitors in Italy and abroad, offering ourselves to CUSTOMERS, not as simple suppliers, but as partners with whom to implement their projects, to reach a common goal: to bring together the experience and abilities of each, so that both can come out of the past and future challenges as winners.